Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It was a longer trip than we normally do, the hills & roads are windy. I have to say the water is horrible to, I’am to use to my Belgrave tank water.
Port Arthur is very small the park is big but the facilities are old & there is no soap at all.
Four year olds learning to wipe really need soap. We have tried out the shower in the van as I really didn’t want to use the others, it was good it just doesn’t last to long so there is dilly dalling.

Today we went to Port Arthur’s historic site, it is huge it takes a good day . It was not what I expected although I don’t know what I expected really. I though it would be more shackles in the walls. It has been guttered by fire in 1897 & in 1883 the government was embarrassed by the jail & what had happened there so they sold alot of the buildings off. Then later on people were taking bricks & other things.
We went to the isle of the dead which is an island out in the middle of the bay were they buried anyone that died at port Arthur convicts, soldiers, civilians they say there could be up to 1100 people buried there it is a little eerie. There is so much history there it is intriguing I could go on for ages you need to go there & see it for yourself.
We had a great day we where all stuffed lucky Mark put the slow cooker on before we left so we just had to come home have a glass wine & have dinner. “well done Mark”

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