Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Coffin Bay

Then we headed to Coffin Bay a little further around the Eyre Peninsular,It is a nice little place there isn't much here to do but fish or swim but it is to cold for that.
We spent the day at the National Park we drove around had lunch & meet up with a nice family from Melbourne, we wanted to drive on the sand dunes so we went with them it was great fun we had a really good day, The kids got taken out on the kayak which they really enjoyed i went beach combing as i always do i love to see what shells i can find. I'm always pick up rope, fishing line & rubbish off the beach Mason can't help himself either I'm teaching him well. The kids wanted to slide down the sand dunes we only had a boggy board it didn't work but they had a ball anyway they ended up covered in sand it was everywhere, that means everyone had a great time when you come home dirty.

Port Lincoin

We spent a few days in Port Lincoln it is the home of Makybe diva the race horse. And great white sharks so no swimming for me.
The caravan park is big but almost book out so we had to have a small site, it was very small especially for our big girl we looked really stupid sitting up there we had no hope of pulling out our awning as we had a tree right in the way.
We were told to go to the marina to catch salmon they follow the pilchard boats in, you throw in your line & you get your fish in under 1 minute. The most fun was trying to reel it in before the seal takes it from you, then he plays with it they are so well feed. We took a drive to whalers way it is a scenic drive along the coast some of which they use to do whaling the coat line is beautiful.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tumby Bay

I was then 80klm down the road to Tumby Bay, It is another pretty little place right on the water. We didn't have any luck fishing. We did a bit of sight seeing not to much to do. We took the kids on a horse ride around town in a buggy it was good the man had lived there his whole life so he was full of info on the place. i'am loving the pelicans they are such clowns.

Arno Bay

We then headed to Arno Bay , it is a pretty little place we didn't do to much a bit of school work was over due so we did a couple of days of that much to the disgusted of Alyssa & Mason. Ella doesn't care she just wonders around playing with her dolls or doing her kinda work as she calls it. we had a nice couple of days relaxing, we seem to do that really well now i takes a bit of getting use to this life but once you do it's fantastic. We are having such a great time.


We went back to the jetty to feed the dolphins the fish we had caught, but they where not following the boats in. The kids were very unhappy, so a man had just pulled up to bring in his boat & asked if we would like to go out in the boat to feed the dolphins. So off we go of course all very excited we couldn't believe our luck.
They where amazing again you never get tired of seeing there smiling kind faces.
One of the calves was very excited jumping around & showing off just like a hypo little kid he was so cute, It really is a fantastic experience it;s what it's all about. We also went to the maritime museum a bit of education for the kids it was good we went aboard the Whyalla the kids enjoyed climbing around the ship.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We are now in Whyalla for a few days we are now moving down the Eyre peninsular.
We were told to go to the jetty to see the dolphins they follow the boats into the mariner looking for fish.I thought yeah sure you can see them that close, so off we head down to see if the were there & sure enough there they where they come right up to the side of the jetty so close you can touch them, if you are quick enough.
Ella & i where i just patted him or her on the nose. there where a couple of calf's with their mums they are the most beautiful creatures i have ever seen they just look straight at you, i wonder what they must be thinking.
We are lucky to have such amazing animals so close we need to do more to protect their environments.
I think dolphins are such mystical creatures just to see them so close in the wild it makes you all warm & fuzzy on the inside.
The look on the kids faces was fantastic they where so excited, we are going back tomorrow with fish they caught for them this afternoon so stay tuned for more pics.

Flinders Rangers

After we left Port Pirie we spent a couple of days a Port Agusta to pick up a few things to go to the Flinders as there isn't to much up their.
We headed off that morning there was a weather warning for the Flinders they had had heaps of rain, we saw lots of water on the roads. We stayed at Rawnsley Park we where staying for three nihgts it ended up being four.
What a magical place in really is beautiful & with the rain they had made it more so.
Mark wanted to do a 4wd track so off we go i hate 4 wheel driving but i thought i would be brave we went to Willow Spings it was so nice i have never seen such large red gum trees before they must be hundreds of years old, it took 6 hours to do the track and it was ok i didn't have to start drinking early to calm my nerves, i olny got out of the car once.
We went to see Wilpeina Pound it is an amazing place there is somthing special about it.We have see aborigonal art, gorges, wedge tail egaels, emus.We went on a camel ride.
Mark spotted 6 wedge tail egaels in a padock eating a kangaroo it was amazing to see them so close & so many of them.
Trust Forsest to see them that is Marks new name because he doesn't stop, he spots everything which is good we see so much more & the kids love it.
We drove all the way to Blimen for a hambuger for lunch sombody told Forest they were worth the drive ,& they were right.
I loved the Flinders we all had a great time it's a place to see.


Then it was off to Port Pirie for Easter, we stayed at the north shore caravan park it is a family park, but they don't even have a play ground for the kids, they where not happy we are here for 5 days. It was quite hot through the day & there was not a lot to do here. We did go for a few day trips so the kids didn't start climbing the walls.
We went for a drive to Port Germein they are meant to have the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere 1.5klms long & the water was nearly out just as far.
We also bumped into a couple we met back in Mt Gambier.
The next day we headed to Mt Remarkable we walked Alligator gorge it was a good day.We had a nice Easter met two more couples one from Melbourne not to far from where we had lived & the other from Ledge point W.A. On the last night we had a big dust storm.
Just because the place wasn't great the people where there is nothing like happy hour in a caravan park.