Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lake St Claire to Wynyard

We left early so if Mark saw a river he could fish on the way we would have time to stop & it was quite a drive for us with the van on it is very windy most of the way.
There was no fishing but we did stop at Nelson falls they were just a short walk in & so worth it they were beautiful. We went through Queenstown & it is a mining town so as you can imagine not so nice. We then pull up at our next stop Rosebery also another mining town.
At the caravan park they are only open a couple of hours in the morning & the evening so you just pick your own site & pay when they open next .
The next day we went to Montezuma falls it was late in the day & we didn’t realize it was 8klm return walk till we got there, so we walked & walked at least it was on a path not to many steps on steep hills. It is an old railway line from back in the 1900’s it was a great walk but long especially for Ella I had to piggy back her some of the way, she is not light I just kept on thinking of my buns of steel & not to put on 23kgs extra which is what she weighs.
The falls were great really pretty as they would want to be after all that walking, on our way out as we were the last left in the forest it was starting to get dark, we saw a black snake on our path not sure if it was a copper head or a tiger & I didn’t really care I was out of there. We all slept very well.
We were meant to go to Cradle Mountain the next day, & stay in Rosebery for two nights but we decided to go straight to Wynyard.

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  1. Hi Love the pic's & if I had come accross a snake o a path, I would be turning my bun's of steel on and getting the F__k out of there...
    Love me