Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wineglass Bay ,
You can walk all the way up to the lookout & back, or all the way down the other side to wineglass bay & back again. Well we walk there & back of course if your with Mark what else would you do. It is hard so you need to be able to walk a fair way, the first half is ok to the look out but the second half is further , steeper & harder. We got to the look out it is unbelievable the beach the massive boulders the trees the distance you have to go to get there.
At the top the views where so amazing everyone was taking picks of the water but the boulders where more impressive so I took pic’s of them the size of them & how they where balancing there they are so huge you have to see them.
The kids did it easy we got to the bottom & had lunch on the beach you have to take your own of course there are no toilets either so pick a shrub, the wind was blowing & it was cold so no swimming, the kids where not happy .
After about 1 hour we headed back I was dreading it as I’am so unfit & I saw the people coming back up on my way down it was not pretty.
So off we go I grab a big stick to help me up those steps, I will have buns of steel if I keep on doing all this walking up mountain sides it’s ok for Mark he is hyperactive & goes for hours

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  1. Love the pic's it looks beautiful, & yes you will have buns of steal by the end or he will jut leave you behind:)
    Next time try some lunges while you are going up the hill that will lift the buns as well!! lol (I know get stuffed)
    Love Vic