Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Monday, February 8, 2010

sights of Port Arthur


Today we were going to get up early well that didn’t happen, when we did get organized we went for a drive to the blow hole we went for a walk around to fossil rock you could walk up this little path out to the top there is no barrier Mark being Mark was getting close to the edge I was having kittens , a honeymoon couple got swept off & where killed, you can just imagine me yelling at them if they were getting to close. I think I scared them more then the cliff. Then to tasman arch , to devils kitchen , they where fenced thank god it was hard for me to even look over the rail.
Then after lunch we went to the remarkable cave it was the most amazing place it was cool ,quite, & just the most calming place, I could have spent hours just sitting there but no Ella had to go for a wee again.
Mark got speaking to our caravan neighbours they went out diving for abbalone & they sent some over for us to try, it was nice but I don’t think I could eat to much of it.
Mark has had to do a few miner repairs to the van I think she will be held together with silicon. I think I will have to rename her Pamela because she is full of silicon.

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