Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Port Victoria

We are now in Port Victoria here is a pic of the sunset last night.

Mason fell off his bike

Mason fell off his bike he had skin off everwhere the whole park heard him, poor Mason.

Marion Bay S.A

Marion Bay, another nice little place there isn't much here but it's good fishing, & some nice beaches. We are here for 3 nights.

Stansbery S.A

We left Adelaide not knowing where we were going to stop.On the way out of town Mark decides he want a table so the kids can eat outside as they make so much mess we drove past BCF shop then we had to find a park keeping in mind we are towing a 26 foot van, it takes up so much room but he puts the thing anywhere i seem to do all the worrying. He gets his table after i told him we should have one like that before we left home but what do i know. So we started driving heading for the York peninsula we rang a couple of parks but we couldn't get in then a few more i started to worry we would be on the side of the road, but we ended up in Stansbery a small place almost at the bottom. They are so busy because it is crabbing season.
We did some fishing of the jetty Mason, Mark & i caught our first squid we were very excited.


Next stop was Adelaide, we stayed there for 4 nights waiting for my mail to turn up, thanks Deanna our mail girl.
We just hung around for a couple of days so the kids could catch up on some school work,
They did a bit of swimming the park had a great pool it works well as a bribe.
We went to Harndoff it is a pretty little place about 1/2 hour from Adelaide it is like a Germain town. On the way there we found a chocolate & lollies factory Melba's we had to sample a few thing, every thing on offer of course & made a few purchase.
I found a winery had to stop there it's never to early for a taste.
Then before we headed home we went to the giant rocking horse at Gumercha, it is a bit run down but the kids liked it.
The next day we spent in the city as Mark had the car serviced, so we decided to go the movies we walked for so long just to find it we did finally poor Ella she always asks if we are going for a long walk i think she has nightmares about long walks.
It was a long day but a pretty city.

Moana bay S.A

We stayed at Moana Bay for 2 nights it is a pretty little place about 1 1/2 hours from Adelaide.
I took the kids for a walk to the beach as it was just across the road, it is a really beautiful beach. I was combing the was for sharks as they like these waters & i saw a fin it was dolphins we were so excited we were running down the beach & i don't run, they were coming so close to the beach you could touch them Alyssa was standing in the water & one swam straight past her so close i think she nearly shit herself the look on her face said it all. We visited a couple of winery's at Mc Laren vale very pretty.
It was great i really like Moana, my pics of the dolphins are not great as they move so fast.

Deep Creek S.A

We headed down to Deep Creek National Park in S.A for a few days, we are camping well sort of there is no running water or power.So we have filled the tanks with water & we have the battery for power, not sure how long either will last.
There are showers & toilets thank god.
Mark saw a dairy farm so he went in to see if the kids could come & see how they milk the cows, so off we go, the smell was so bad it's hard to believe that the milk taste so good, he gave us a try after Mason asked.
They saw the calf's they are just to cute.
We only stayed for 3 night we ran out of water the battery is ok because Mark made us eat by torch light good old Mark.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Victor Harbor

We are now in Victor Harbor for 3 nights then we are heading to some national park Mark has found.
While we have been here it has been so windy and we have had rain the nights have been so cold i had to pull out the good old beanie. We have been to a whale museum & done a bit of fishing but mainly we have tried to catch up on school work "oh what fun" it is so exhausting i have no patients for teaching i think teachers are worth more money. We went fishing yesterday & Mason caught a couple of fish none to eat but the look on his face tells a thousand words he just loves it, while they where fishing i was taking photos of the seals swimming around scaring all the fish they where trying to catch.It was so nice to see them in the wild doing what ever they do swimming without a care in the world, well almost apart from fishing nets,lines & sharks that is, i watched them for about 1 1/2 hours.

Mt Gambier

We headed to Mt Gambier for a couple of days.
They have sink holes which is were the limestone collapses & leaves a big hole, they are amazing one of them back in 1886 it was made into a garden with a small lake at the bottom. The lake no longer there it has dried up over time.
There is also the blue lake & it is the bluest water i have ever seen,it has something to with the crystals & the limestone.
I don't think you would ever get looking at it, it is also there drinking water.
We took the kids into the information centre to go through the discovery centre, the outside exhibit was so run down it was so bad, but we went on Mark was very impressed (not) as he hates these places, the rest was ok they show you under the ship the Lady Nelson things moved & made noises well Ella hated it one mannequin rolled over & Mason was gone i have never seen him move so fast & i have never laughed so hard it was worth the money for just that.


We headed up to the Grampains for 3 nights there isn't much the but the bush & wildlife.
I really enjoy being in the bush i couldn't wait to get out of Warrnambool, it is just nice & quite especially when the kids go to bed.
We stayed in the caravan park as there isn't any water in the rivers to camp by.
The kids love the park as it had two pools.
We went on more walks Marks favorite thing to do the kids just whine.
We went to Mackenzies falls, to bunjil shelter to see a aboriginal art, look outs.
We got up early one morning to walk to the top of Mt William the highest mountain at the Grampians, and of course Mark setting a great example for the kids & walks out on the edge of these bolders & jumps the railing to get a better look. Keep an eye on the papers for man fallen to his death off the edge of cliff. (no i wont push him ) he has to tow the van.