Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 days on the road to Ingham

We left Alice Springs and headed for the East coast, It took us 4 days to get there.
We had 3 nights out on the side of the road so it was cheap no parks fees,
On our first night we stopped at the devils marbles for the night the sunset on the rocks was beautiful we saw a dingo & got attacked by mozzies.
The next night we stayed at Avon downs we had a dog wonder in a camp with us for the night.
The next day we crossed over into QLD we call into the dino centre at Richmond then through Mt Isa and onto a camp by the river that had no water at campaspe river.
We met a nice couple from England, we had a great fire it would be the last one on this trip.
The kids found some really cute green frogs the pic's tell it all.
Then we made our way to Ingham we are staying with friends that Mark & i met on our honeymoon 13 years ago.
It has been 4 days and 3 nights out on the road so it was great to get here. The kids were great thank god for dvd players & ds games.

Back to Alice springs

We drove back to Alice springs for two nights, to take the kids to the reptile park which i said we would do when we where here last, and tgo stock up to get back to the East coast.
So i thought i would post a couple of pic's of the lizards.

Monday, October 4, 2010


We went back to Uluru to climb it.It was so worth it .
I was a bit worried about the kids it is so steep and quite hard Ella is such a trooper climbing up there, Mark held her hand the whole time Alyssa and Mason did a great job to. The view is amazing i just find it hard to belive this big rock sit out here with nothing else around it.
Back to Alice Springs.
They want to stop people climbing so we are glad we went back.


We got to Kings Canyon we had a great view from our van, they are the only park to have a family rate to stay which was not a rip off.
We walked the top of the canyon and did the 6.5klm walk around it was good but we were stuffed, we all slept well that night.
The next day we walked up the middle it was beautiful walking along the water.
The Canyon is very impressive you have to see it to really appreciate it pic's don't really give you the real size of the place. The wild flowers are everywhere.
The weather is nice now we have decided to go back to Uluru to climb it Mark just can't leave until he does.


We got to Ylara camp grounds at Uluru the next day we hung out for a couple of days the weather was freezing wet and windy so we couldn't climb Uluru and you have to bye a pass at $25.00 each adult and only last 3 days.
The weather got better so we bought our pass went to the Olgas which were beautiful and drove around the rock which is huge and very red it has something mystical about it.
The sun came out enough to get a beautiful sunset it was amazing so of course i took to many pic's.

We hung out for 6 day waiting to climb it, but it was too windy. It was very disappointing all Forest wanted was for the kids to climb Uluru.
We decided to leave and go to Kings Canyon