Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

quick update

Hi there just to let you know we are still here
I have a new computer and i 'am trying to work out how to use it, not so easy for me so bear with me.
We are now in Warrnambool for a week so i will try and catch up.
We have come back to the main land from Tasi the crossing i hated it , i think i'am a land creature. we have been to Ocean Grove , Cape Otway, Port Campbell now here.
We ment some friends in Ocean Grove and spent almost a week with them it was good to see some friends. i don't think all the older people in the park like us much i think they think we should be home as they wait until school holidays are over till they come out, i did think they would be more friendly. the kids were told to go home by some old crone that they had been listening to them for hours, well they shouldn't camp near the park now should they.
Ok i will fill you all in soon.

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