Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pic's of Karijini

Tom Price to Karijini

We have left the coast and have headed inland to Tom Price.
We have had three night camped out on camp spots off the side of the road which has been great saving a bit of money having a campfire trying hard to save the water you have in your tanks as there are not to many places out here to full up.
As you head inland the soil gets redder there are cows wondering along the sides of the roads there is alot of nothing between towns.

We spent three nights at Tom Price we visited the iron ore mine i thought it would be good for Alyssa & Mason to see what all these mining towns are about, well they were board as expected but they have more of an idea now they have been through.

We visited Hammersley gorge it was our first of many on this trip it was beautiful.

Karijini National Park

Well I'm so impressed i loved it i did want to leave the walks the gorges the water the adventure.
You climb down all these stairs from this fairly dry landscape above to find
large green trees amazing rocks & walls which reach to the sky, you feel very small down there, you didn't know what you where going to find when you got around the next corner.
Mum & Dad, Ray & Di a couple we have been travelling with where glad to go with us as they wouldn't have done half the things they have done or seen as much as they have.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I was then off to Exmouth just that little bit further north, It is bigger then Coral Bay it has some shops. It has the National Park Cape Range, we have landed here on the school holidays which is not the best idea as it is very busy.
We decided to do a snorkeling with the manta rays and look for humpback whale trip as we haven't done much of that kind of thing since we left home it is quite expensive for most things so you have to figure out what you want to do most. swimming with the whale sharks is the thing to do here at this time of year but it would have cost us over $1200.00 i just think that was a little more then i wanted to spend, so we did the other.
They picked us up fitted us for our gear then took us all the way out to the boats, we get there all keen to see the manta rays & Alyssa has her wet suit on & is complaining again about something or other i wasn't taking to much notice as she does this quite often, she is going on about something biting her so we strip the wet suit off & this ugly spider falls out, she starts crying from the pain going up her arm into her neck so they had to take us back to go to the hospital. The look on all the other people on the boat was funny as they start checking there suits.
We spent 7 hours in hospital Alyssa had to have anti venom for a red back spider poor thing, Exmouth emergency department were fantastic.

We were taken out on the Monday for our snorkel, we had the boat to ourselves & it was the bigger & much nicer, lucky there was no one else as i was throwing for most of the time, we did see the rays & the humpbacks it was amazing but i just couldn't wait to get back to land. Mason even got in i was so pleased he had a great time, Laura piggy backed Ella the hole time she was great Ella loved it.

Turquoise bay was the most amazing place to snorkel Mark & Alyssa went out for about 1 hour i was still feeling very ordinary from the day before so i stayed out they had a great time.

Coral Bay

We have been to Coral Bay, we spent 5 nights there it is so beautiful the beach and snorkeling is what everyone comes here for.
The reef is so close to the beach so it is easy to step off the sand and you are right on the reef, there are so many fish to see so many different coral formations.

The water was a bit chilly as it is winter up here as well, once you get use to it it is quite nice. Alyssa came in but Mason saw the spangled emperor that hang around the sand bar to be feed they are very big, and no you are not aloud to fish for them there. Mason got one look and he was not getting in that water how funny if you know Mark at all you would know that this was not good enough it think everyone on the beach was looking at poor terrified Mason.

Anyway by the end of the 5 days he did manage to get in for about 10 minutes, we had a few quite days it was nice, there is not to much to do but go to the beach.

The caravan park had only boar water it was so horrible we are lucky we filled our tanks to drink even showering in it was not nice.