Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Streaky Bay

Then to Streaky Bay we stayed here for 4 nights the caravan park is right on the water.
We followed our new friends to Streaky we were going to do some free camping, so we headed off and called into Murphy's Haystacks these rocks in the middle of a paddock.
After we left there we headed down a dirt road much to Marks disgust the car a van were spotless until now, we followed there dust in the end we lost them and decided to head straight to Streaky Bay. We got there and their was so much dust in the van i was not happy. We caught up with them the next day. We had a great time in Streaky, Mark went out to get his razor fish the kids play on the water with there new friends.
Mark had his 40th birthday while we were there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!

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  1. Happy Birthday Mark sorry I am so slack and didnt call you..
    Photo's are great have fun cleaning..
    you all look well & I have sent you an email..