Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From Ceduna across the Nullabor

We meet mum & dad in Ceduna they are travelling with there friends Phil & Carla. We are going to cross the Nullabor with them, i think it will be good to have company to go across with.
We did a bit of fishing off the jetty for squid & dad caught his first ever squid, we ended up with three. Mark met Frank in Streaky Bay & offered to take Mark out fishing in Ceduna. He caught two squid & one king George whiting.

We left Ceduna early it was a bit exciting to eventually get to here it seem to take so long, we have been gone for 4 months. We stopped a few time to look at the Great Australian Bight it is quite impressive, the weather was ok the wind had a bit of a chill to it.
We decided to camp right on the water well as close as you can get, it was getting very cloudy & cold. We all snuggled into the van & had tea where it was warm. Just before bed we went out to see if the stars had come out & they had they were so beautiful they where twinkling & looked like they where hanging from pieces of string it is so dark out there.
The next morning there was the most beautiful sunset, now i never see them never up early enough & this is my second, i jumped out of bed grabbed the camera went out to take my pics well i have never been so cold it was freezing & i had to wait there to get my picture, it was worth it even though i couldn't’t feel my fingers.
We eventually made it to W.A we got through the check point after they check you van.
We stayed out three night on the parks on the side of the road it was good not having to pay for a change. All Mark wanted to see were camels & we saw them on the last day from a distance. We saw wedge tail eagles & a few dead roo’s. I was surprise by the shrubs & trees along the side of the road i expected it to be dirt all the way, i t was quite pretty.
The most amazing thing was the police pulling everyone over for a breath test & licence check in the middle of nowhere, i guess you have no other roads to turn up if you had been drinking, Lucky it was to early for Forest to drink.
On our last night we got rain & lighting,
The next day we got to Kalgoorlie, Phil & Carla went down to Esperence.

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