Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We stayed in the caravan park we had run out of water had a bit of washing & i wanted to have a long hot shower as the ones in the van were very short saving our water.
When we got there it was freezing i couldn’t believe how cold. While we where there we visited the Super Pit where they mine gold i have never seen anything like it my pic’s don’t show how big this hole is. We were there for one of the explosions the kids enjoyed watching that.
We went to the Bolder market alot of the building there have been closed off because of the earthquake in April, such lovely old buildings some over 100 years old. I was surprised by the size of Kalgoorlie. We also went to the Goldmine & war museum trying to educate them a bit. We also visited the old Two up ring.
I enjoyed myself in Kalgoorlie apart from the nights were so cold. Now off to Esperence

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  1. yeh, that super pit is huge, we visited Kalgoorlie last year and loved watching the blasts too. Good to hear you are going well and still having fun!