Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We are now in Whyalla for a few days we are now moving down the Eyre peninsular.
We were told to go to the jetty to see the dolphins they follow the boats into the mariner looking for fish.I thought yeah sure you can see them that close, so off we head down to see if the were there & sure enough there they where they come right up to the side of the jetty so close you can touch them, if you are quick enough.
Ella & i where i just patted him or her on the nose. there where a couple of calf's with their mums they are the most beautiful creatures i have ever seen they just look straight at you, i wonder what they must be thinking.
We are lucky to have such amazing animals so close we need to do more to protect their environments.
I think dolphins are such mystical creatures just to see them so close in the wild it makes you all warm & fuzzy on the inside.
The look on the kids faces was fantastic they where so excited, we are going back tomorrow with fish they caught for them this afternoon so stay tuned for more pics.

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