Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flinders Rangers

After we left Port Pirie we spent a couple of days a Port Agusta to pick up a few things to go to the Flinders as there isn't to much up their.
We headed off that morning there was a weather warning for the Flinders they had had heaps of rain, we saw lots of water on the roads. We stayed at Rawnsley Park we where staying for three nihgts it ended up being four.
What a magical place in really is beautiful & with the rain they had made it more so.
Mark wanted to do a 4wd track so off we go i hate 4 wheel driving but i thought i would be brave we went to Willow Spings it was so nice i have never seen such large red gum trees before they must be hundreds of years old, it took 6 hours to do the track and it was ok i didn't have to start drinking early to calm my nerves, i olny got out of the car once.
We went to see Wilpeina Pound it is an amazing place there is somthing special about it.We have see aborigonal art, gorges, wedge tail egaels, emus.We went on a camel ride.
Mark spotted 6 wedge tail egaels in a padock eating a kangaroo it was amazing to see them so close & so many of them.
Trust Forsest to see them that is Marks new name because he doesn't stop, he spots everything which is good we see so much more & the kids love it.
We drove all the way to Blimen for a hambuger for lunch sombody told Forest they were worth the drive ,& they were right.
I loved the Flinders we all had a great time it's a place to see.

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  1. The scenery shots are great, and it's about time we saw a few pics of the 5 of you together...lol.