Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stansbery S.A

We left Adelaide not knowing where we were going to stop.On the way out of town Mark decides he want a table so the kids can eat outside as they make so much mess we drove past BCF shop then we had to find a park keeping in mind we are towing a 26 foot van, it takes up so much room but he puts the thing anywhere i seem to do all the worrying. He gets his table after i told him we should have one like that before we left home but what do i know. So we started driving heading for the York peninsula we rang a couple of parks but we couldn't get in then a few more i started to worry we would be on the side of the road, but we ended up in Stansbery a small place almost at the bottom. They are so busy because it is crabbing season.
We did some fishing of the jetty Mason, Mark & i caught our first squid we were very excited.

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  1. I would be the same worrying that is.. Glad to see you had somewhere to stay.. Kids look like they are having a ball...
    Miss talking to you have to start talking to you on here so log on more:)