Leaving home

Leaving home
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mt Gambier

We headed to Mt Gambier for a couple of days.
They have sink holes which is were the limestone collapses & leaves a big hole, they are amazing one of them back in 1886 it was made into a garden with a small lake at the bottom. The lake no longer there it has dried up over time.
There is also the blue lake & it is the bluest water i have ever seen,it has something to with the crystals & the limestone.
I don't think you would ever get looking at it, it is also there drinking water.
We took the kids into the information centre to go through the discovery centre, the outside exhibit was so run down it was so bad, but we went on Mark was very impressed (not) as he hates these places, the rest was ok they show you under the ship the Lady Nelson things moved & made noises well Ella hated it one mannequin rolled over & Mason was gone i have never seen him move so fast & i have never laughed so hard it was worth the money for just that.

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  1. Get a go at Marky's ass in the air, that is too funny!