Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Next stop was Adelaide, we stayed there for 4 nights waiting for my mail to turn up, thanks Deanna our mail girl.
We just hung around for a couple of days so the kids could catch up on some school work,
They did a bit of swimming the park had a great pool it works well as a bribe.
We went to Harndoff it is a pretty little place about 1/2 hour from Adelaide it is like a Germain town. On the way there we found a chocolate & lollies factory Melba's we had to sample a few thing, every thing on offer of course & made a few purchase.
I found a winery had to stop there it's never to early for a taste.
Then before we headed home we went to the giant rocking horse at Gumercha, it is a bit run down but the kids liked it.
The next day we spent in the city as Mark had the car serviced, so we decided to go the movies we walked for so long just to find it we did finally poor Ella she always asks if we are going for a long walk i think she has nightmares about long walks.
It was a long day but a pretty city.

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  1. lol go Ella.. What movie did you go to Avatar???
    Please tell me you have seen it by now...
    Eclipse will be out soon I think you, Deanna & I should all fly to somewhere and watch it together keep the tradition going.. Just let me know where I am flying to..
    Ethan got his first detention on Wednesday 30 paper pick up.. he call a kid an idiot I think he was well within his right the kid was an idiot but the way he talked to the teacher is why he got the detention so I told her good on you let him have it, she was a bit shocked that a mum said good job I think..lol