Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



We have been to ST Helens which was beautiful we are now in Coles Bay there isn't much here but the beaches and the scenery are so amazing. Mark has taken Alyssa & Mason fishing tonight we will see how that goes.
It's hard getting use to living in a small space. Mark has started the schooling "oh what fun thats going to be" I'am not sure how we will get it all done we have so much else to do.


  1. And why didn't you go fishing? Waiting for the photos of all their great catches!

  2. Yay! you have started to right:)
    Sorry I havent had a chance to add other things to the blog I will get onto it tonight for you..
    Love the pic's & look two days and 7 followers you are up to me and I have has a blog for over 12mths Lol!
    Ethan started school today he had a good first day at St Pat's spent lunch time on his own poor thing he said it was hard to make new friends:(
    Good luck with the home school Mark you are a brave man I wouldn't take it on please let us know how you are going with it and don't hold back the good the bad and the ugly we want to hear it all..
    Ok have fun and stay safe..

  3. Hey Vicki, can u add Michelle's name at the top? And yes...we want to hear everything, don't just give us the glossy bits. You have 3 kids that have huge outgoing personalities...tell it how it is Shell!