Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Then it was off to Kakadu, we left mum and dad in Darwin as they have been before.
We stayed at Jabaru for 3 nights then we went to Cooinda for 2.
We went to Cailes crossing to see the croc's when the tied comes in they sit there and wait for the fish to come with the tied. It was worth the wait cro's doing what they do in there own envitoment with no fences and they are massive.
We went to a weaving demo it was hot and there were 2 million mozzies.
We saw some great rock art.
Down at Yellow water we went on a river cruise on the wet lands i enjoyed it taking lots of pic's.
Kakadu is a little over rated i think but i'm glad we went if you are up that far you might as well go.You have to be able to afford to do all the tours to get the most of Kakadu. I think my photos will let you see for yourself how beautiful it is for how much of it we saw.

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