Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Fitzroy Crossing
We have come to Fitzroy Crossing to go to Windjirna Gorge and to Tunnel creek.
The first day we went to Geikie Gorge we took a boat cruise up the river it was very pretty.
The next day we were up early as we had quite a drive ahead. we went to Windjana gorge first before it got to hot there is a bit of water in there at the moment there were quite a few freshwater croc’s we saw fruit bats and a goanna. From there we went to Tunnel creek we had a great time because you get wet, you have to climb over rocks through the water in the dark so you have to take torches. We climbed up into a cave off the side. The kids had a ball they where drenched. I fell over trying to get to take a photo before the kids disturbed the water, It was too funny Mark thought i was laying down to take the photo, don’t worry i got my picture. Mum & dad didn’t come with us today. We had a good but very exhausting day.

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