Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tom Price to Karijini

We have left the coast and have headed inland to Tom Price.
We have had three night camped out on camp spots off the side of the road which has been great saving a bit of money having a campfire trying hard to save the water you have in your tanks as there are not to many places out here to full up.
As you head inland the soil gets redder there are cows wondering along the sides of the roads there is alot of nothing between towns.

We spent three nights at Tom Price we visited the iron ore mine i thought it would be good for Alyssa & Mason to see what all these mining towns are about, well they were board as expected but they have more of an idea now they have been through.

We visited Hammersley gorge it was our first of many on this trip it was beautiful.

Karijini National Park

Well I'm so impressed i loved it i did want to leave the walks the gorges the water the adventure.
You climb down all these stairs from this fairly dry landscape above to find
large green trees amazing rocks & walls which reach to the sky, you feel very small down there, you didn't know what you where going to find when you got around the next corner.
Mum & Dad, Ray & Di a couple we have been travelling with where glad to go with us as they wouldn't have done half the things they have done or seen as much as they have.

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  1. Hi your photo's are fantastic as always keep them coming I love looking at them...but it is a bit hard looking at the kids swimming when it is sooo cold here:)
    Enjoy Vic