Leaving home

Leaving home
Here we go!

Monday, June 14, 2010


We stayed in Albany it was pouring when we arrived and it was cold, we didn’t do too much we only stayed 4 nights.
Next we headed to Denmark we stayed down at Perry’s beach only $7 a night, it is a pretty spot. On the way we stopped at the Green pool & to Elephant rocks we got out to have a look Mark & myself we got drenched I couldn’t even see the Green pool the rain was so heavy, i didn’t even bother with Elephant rocks . We had to get changed in the van before we even got back in the car.
Then we stopped at the Mead place to try the honey & the mead, it’s not my thing, Forest liked it, we bought honey & had an ice cream even though in was freezing.
Next stop on the way was the cider & toffee factory on the way, yes we tried all the cider i didn’t like it, we tried all the toffee we could it was delicious. We reached the beach & it was getting dark it was a busy day.
The next day we were heading to Walpol to the giant trees, on the way we stopped at the dinosaur centre it was good. That night we stayed at Shannon national park for the night, we had a camp fire it was very nice. The next day we headed to Margaret River, on the wat we stopped at the Valley of the Giants & the Gloucester tree you can climb it 64 meters high, Forest & Alyssa climbed up to the top not me i don't like it when you can see through the stairs. Go Alyssa what a champ, Ella wanted to go but i was not going to let her. I’m very behind so i will post some pics & start from where we are now.

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